Formulation Lab

Atco Pharma formulation system depends on understanding the target product profile and creating innovative concepts.

Each Product is made up of several different sources of raw materials. In the formulations laboratory we incorporate these ingredients into a batching process. Each formulation is evaluated based on appearance, color, odor, pH, viscosity and solids to help establish target physical parameters that meet the requirements for the final product. These parameters become specifications.

When a formulations project gets initiated, we develop a variety of prototypes of the product that meets the product target profile to help tweak the formulation to a final approved formula.

Stability lab

For Preparing Validated method of analysis and Studying Long term and accelerated stability study for first three batches for each product and expectation the shelf life of the product using Votsch stability chambers.

The lab also contains - HPLC- Dissolution test “Varian”- Disintegration tester “Varian” for other stability tests.