• Preparation machine

    There are three tanks.
    - First & second tank for preparation, first tank capacity is 1000 liter and second one capacity is 2000 liter.
    - The third one is storage tank of 2000 liter capacity.

  • Liquid Filling machine

    - After preparing the liquid it is thrown into the transferring tube to the filling machine (Bausch and Ströbel), And its speed is 2000 bottles per hour for 120ml.

  • Preparation machine

    Raw materials from weighing area get into bin blender for mixing of 1000kg capacity blender.

  • Powder Filling machine

    After preparing the powder it gets into the filling machine with the speed of:-
    3.2 million sachets 500gm/8hr/year.

  • Powder Preparation

    Bin Blinder: 250 kg capacity

  • Powder Filling Machine

    6 million sachet 1-20 gm / 8 hr / year

  • Capsule Filling machine

    After preparing the powder in the mixer (Bin Blinder) enters to the capsule filling machine (Bosch) and its speed is 80million Capsule/8hr/year.

  • Blistering

    After filling capsule, get into blistering and its speed is 30million strip /8hr/year for (Alu-Pvc-Pvdc).

  • Hi - Shear Mixer

    • Capacity 140 kg
    • Contains Built in wet mill.
    • C.I.P. System
    • Contact with F.B.D by closed system.
    • Vessel Double Jacket.

  • Fluid bed dryer

    • Explosion proof 12 par
    • Capacity 100 kg
    • C.I.P. System

  • Tablet Press

    • 31 punches
    • Capacity 186.000 tab./hr.

  • SFC Coating Machine

    • Rotating automatic system.
    • Capacity 140 kg
    • C.I.P. System
    • Sugar Coating or Film Coating

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