Each 100 ml contain:
Flunixin meglumine 8.3 gm
(Eq. To 5 gm Flunixin base)

Bovines: is recommended for antipyretic activities in acute inflammation associated to diseases of the respiratory tract.
* Pre – and post ophthalmic surgery.
* Acute coliform mastitis with endotoxic shock.
Equines: treatment of visceral pains associated to colic. Treatment of inflammations and pains associated to musculoskeletal disorders.
* Post race treatment.
* Pre – and post ophthalimic sugery.

Bovines: 2.2 mg/kg b.wt (2 ml Fluniden / 45 kg b.wt. by IV daily for up to 5 days).
Equines: 1.1mg/kg b.wt (1 ml Fluniden / 45 kg b.wt .by IM or IV daily for up to 5 days).

Non in the recommended dose but rare anaphylactic like reactions have been reported, primarily after IV injection when used in high doses. After IM injection, localized swelling and stiffness may observed.

Milk – 2 days
Meat – 10 days

Glass vials: 50 - 100 –250 ml.