1. Instrumental lab

    In This Lab, chemical Assay of raw materials and finished product and Identification tests of finished products and raw materials take place.

  2. Wet chemistry Lab

    In This Lab, all wet chemistry activities ,chemical reagent and Working tests are prepared

  3. Microbiology lab

    for Microbiological Testing. like Environmental count, and cleaning efficacy are conducted for Production area & Total bacterial Count, Total fungal Count & Pathogens are tested for all Incoming Raw Materials, Packaging Materials & Finished Products.

  • Raw materials warehouse

    The Raw Materials warehouse receives the materials through the loading bay of warehouse, Checks the documents, cleans the received containers, checks weights of the materials and transfers it to quarantine area in the warehouse and gives a unique control number for each material. Raw materials warehouse lies on an area of 606 m². The warehouse area is provided with continuous monitoring system for the environmental conditions (Temperature and Relative Humidity).

  • Finished Products Warehouse

    All finished products are transferred from the packaging area to the quarantine area in the warehouse. Testing of the finished products is conducted by quality control for ensuring that the product is conforming to the predetermined specifications. After the approval of releasing the batch by QA, the finished product is transferred from the quarantine area to the dispatch area in the finished Product Warehouse which has an area of 420 m².

Veolia water systems: The Purified Water production and distribution system consists of the following:-

  1. Pretreatment section: The chlorinated city water passes from feed water tank through two sand filters and a carbon filter. After de-chlorination, it passes through two softeners. Then soft water passes through the UV lamp to the Pura buffer tank.

  2. PURA: Soft water from purification water buffer tank is pumped through RO membranes and EDI which produces purified water according to USP 31, the produced water is then pumped to Storage tank and conductivity is measured online continuously.